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There are lot of divisions in photography and I am not going to speak about all those divisions right now why because each division is a lesson to photographer and all those cant write in one post. This post is about photo editing and the divisions i told about earlier comes to this session any how the photo is in any kind of division and it was shot by any kind of photographer.

Photo editing is an art which helps to transform your photography to lower level to higher level if you are good with your photo editing knowledge. Just like various divisions in photography like i said photo editing also contains various divisions most probably like one to one that is for example if you are a portrait photographer You probably prefer face retouching in photo editing and if you are a landscape photographer you concentrate on color correction and image adjustments  

I am having some Fun photo editing tips and i want to share those through this post. Fun Photo editing is a part which has simple steps but which contains more creative  and innovative things to make the viewers to lough and we actually know that comedy is not a easy job to do. That includes lot creative innovative methods like just i told u and we can see lot of images that gone failed in internet why because it has lack of creativity
This fun photo editing tips tell u the simple steps but the creativity and innovative stuffs should be with you and if i tell you those its not your individuality. So individuality plays a big role in photo editing more mainly in fun photo editing. How to develop our individual creativity and innovative ideas? We can develop those ideas through practices, failures (It's okay), criticisms. Tack positive criticisms and practice more so that your brain will think creative and in future you will think to do something new and those things cant even done by anyone in the world and new things are always attractive. New and fun things are combinations to laughs.

Here are some fun photo editing tips you can do with your Pictures:


 Play with brightness and contrast with your portrait pictures, you can use any kind of Photo editing software. Most probably all photo editing software’s have this brightness and contrast setup. The basic software for photo editing is Photoshop and lot of people prefer this as primary and why because it is actually a mother software for all other software’s. One of basic fun photo editing tips is playing with this brightness and contrast. This setup will completely change the mode of situation from one level to the desired level. Keep practicing more with this feature and play with this so that you can achieve some innovative ideas. And this setup will be useful for all other kind of photo editing.        


Cloning is a tool looks like a brush and with that brush we can select a source in our picture and the selected source will be copied temporarily. We can paste that copied source to the desired place where we want. And in more advance in Photoshop cloning tool helps to improve our picture like we can remove pimples and some unwanted annoying spots on our picture. We can remove or place some subjects in our picture. For instance, if you want to do away with things that interrupts your ideal picture like someone who annoy you in the photo; you can get him off by cloning a fraction of the surroundings and get rid of him in the scene. You can also put trees and houses to put more life in your background using the cloning tool.      


These are only some of fun photo editing tips I have given and there are much more fun still there to do. You can actually discover and experiment on a handful of tools in many Photo editing software. An excellent photo editing software can in fact give you so many functionality in improving or transforming your photos into a more presentable one. Certainly, it is fun photo editing tip and moving to be able to make creative transformation to your pictures with the technology at hand.

You can find much more in this website FUN PHOTO EDITING TIPS and if u you r interested u can buy things that helps you to do Much more with photo editing

I hope this post will help you to do things that you really want In Photo Editing Any thing else You want to tell u can comment See you in the next post

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